184. Transparency Shall be a very important thing

184. Transparency Shall be a very important thing

Update: It is clear nothing possibility can be found I am continued this blog. Thus this is what From the from my plans towards T7S!sims.

Jackie and you may Hyde would’ve end up being vampires – temporarily – merely from curiosity. One of them might have turned into one other, being new interested one to.

Kelso would’ve become pregnant having an enthusiastic alien kids. The guy, Brooke, Jackie, Hyde, and you will Fez all of the would’ve assisted raising their guy.

Fez and you may Rhonda, I’m hoping, would’ve ended up together with her. But their dating are a rocky one, particularly just like the she is interested to other people.

I’ve not a clue in which Leo would’ve finished up. One he’d be Rhonda’s roommate regarding game (IIRC) by coincidence try a cool coincidence. Easily contemplate incorrectly, this may be would’ve started chill, lol.

I would possess turned backwards and forwards anywhere between houses: an element of the family, revealed above, and you will Eric/Donna’s home by adding one or two kids and you may Red and you will Cat (needless to say, We probably would’ve was required to explore hacks to ensure Cat and Yellow was in fact named Eric’s mothers, but zero prob here).

I had plans to set-up the brand new Futures expansion as well as provides Kelso discuss more models into the future and maybe you will need to make changes in the current to prevent an excellent dystopia. Continua a leggere