Samacheer Kalvi 12th Accountancy Possibilities Chapter 7 Records

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Accountancy Possibilities Chapter 7 Records

  • To help you Bankers: Recommendations considering in the financial statements was tall towards bankers to assess whether there was adequate security to cover the number of mortgage otherwise overdraft.
  • To Government: Financial statements is extreme to your regulators to assess the latest taxation responsibility from providers inquiries and frame and amend commercial principles.
  • To help you Team: From the financial comments, the employees can measure the ability of your business to pay salaries and if they have coming development in the fresh question.
  1. To research profitability and you will generating ability.
  2. To review the long term and you can brief solvency of your own organization.
  3. To choose the results from inside the surgery and employ from property.
  4. To select the abilities away from administration and you can professionals.
  5. To choose the trend within the conversion and you will development, an such like.
  6. So you can prediction money for hard times and prepare yourself finances.
  7. And work out inter-corporation and intra – agency reviews.

Matter 4. From the following the balance piece extracts, compute development percentage, and you may discuss this new exchangeability updates away from X ltd. You may also just take 1990 because the base seasons.

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Samacheer Kalvi twelfth Accountancy Company accounts Text-book Straight back Questions and you can Solutions

Concern step 1. An inclination show is just one …………….. (i) which carries preferential best when it comes to payment off dividend from the repaired rate (ii) and therefore carries preferential best when it comes to cost out-of funding to your winding up (a) Simply (i) is right (b) Simply (ii) is right (c) Each other (i) and (ii) try best (d) Both (i) and you will (ii) was wrong Answer: (c) One another (i) and you can (ii) is best

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